Speciality Breads

Description Price Quantity
White Tin Loaf Mini White Tin 48x55g 4614 Please Login
Multi Grain Tin Loaf Mini Multi-grain Tin 48x55g 4617 Please Login
Foccacia Bread Rosemary Focaccia 40x100g 4550 Please Login
Foccacia Olive & Oregano Roll Olive Focaccia 40x100g 4608 Please Login
Foccacia-Sundried Tomato Sundried Tomato Focaccia 40 x 100g 4607 Please Login
Traditional English Roll Traditional English Roll 40x100g 4609 Please Login
Ciabatta Slipper Ciabatta Slipper 40x100g 4549 Please Login
Ciabatta Round Ciabatta Round 40x100g 4613 Please Login
Ciabatta Ciabatta Loaf 20x220g 4584 Please Login
Brioche loaf Brioche Loaf 9 x 270g 4506 Please Login

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