Description Price Quantity
Tomato Tomatoes 6KG BOX FV3000 Please Login
Tomatoes Best Salad Tomatoes per kg FV3001 Please Login
Envine Tomatoes Envine Tomatoes per 5kg FV3045 Please Login
Cherry tomatoes Sublime Cocktail Cherry Tomatoes 9x250g Box FV3021 Please Login
Cherry tomatoes Cocktail Cherry Tomatoes per 250g FV3020 Please Login
Yellow Cherry Tomatoes Yellow Cherry Tomatoes per 250g FV3022 Please Login
Fresh Plum Tomatoes Plum Vine Tomatoes per 6kg FV3010 Please Login
Beef Tomatoes Beef Tomatoes per 7kg FV3030 Please Login
Beef Tomatoes Beef Tomatoes each FV3031 Please Login
Cherry Tom Tomatoes Cherry Envine 500g FV3025 Please Login
Cherry Tom on Vine Tomatoes Cherry Envine 3kg FV3055 Please Login
Heirloom Tom Heirloom Tomatoes 3kg FV3015 Please Login

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