Lamb Weston


Description Price Quantity
Stealth Fries, Private Reserve_300dpi_100x75mm_D_NR-1482 Stealth Fries, Skin On - 9 x 9mm 4x2.5kg 4633 Please Login
CHIPS LW STEALTH FRIES 6x6mm 4x2.5kg (SO2) Stealth Fries Skin On 6 x 6mm, 4 x 2.5kg 4630 Please Login
9_9 Private Reserve Skin-on_300dpi_520x347mm_C_NR-684 Private Reserve Fries-skin on 9 x 9mm 4x2.5kg 4635 Please Login
Crisscuts_300dpi_100x67mm_D_NR-615 (1) Lamb Weston Criss Cuts 2.5kg 4642 Please Login
Seasoned_Twisters_300dpi_100x75mm_D_NR-947 Lamb Weston Twisters 2.5kg 4667 Please Login
Seasoned Crispy Cubes With Herbs_300dpi_100x67mm_D_NR-751 Lamb Weston Seasoned Crispy Cubes With Herbs 2.5kg 4644 Please Login
Sweet Potato Fries_300dpi_100x75mm_D_NR-1341 Lamb Weston Sweet Potato Crispy Fries 4 x 2.5kg 4641 Please Login
HB1_HB3 Hash Browns Triangle_300dpi_75x100mm_D_NR-2049 Lamb Weston Hash Browns Triangles 1kg 4666 Please Login
Connoisseur Home Style Chunky Fries Connoisseur Chunky Fries 4x2.5kg 4636 Please Login
Lamb Weston Rustic Fries Lamb Weston Connoisseur Rustic Fries 4/2.5kg 4638 Please Login
H30 Mini Hash Brown Potato Puffs 1Kg 4632 Please Login
Dukes of Chippingdom Lamb Weston Duke of Chippingdom 4x2.5Kg 4631 Please Login
CHIPS LW ZIGGY FRIES 4 X 2.5KG LWF61 Lamb Weston Ziggy Fries 4x2.5kg 4637 Please Login
Lamb Weston Stealth Fries 11 x 11mm 4 x 2.5kg (S25) Lamb Weston Stealth Fries 11 x 11mm 4 x 2.5kg (S25) 4630A Please Login

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