Hot Puddings

Description Price Quantity
LCR18012 - APPLE AND BLACKBERRY CRUMBLE Apple & Blackberry Crumble 18x185g 3776 Please Login
LCR18010 - APPLE CRUMBLE Apple Crumble 18x185g 3777 Please Login
29921-3948-mx Belgian Waffles 20 x 90g 4588 Please Login
BUTTERMILK PANCAKES 72 X 65gm (MACPHIE) Buttermilk Pancakes 72 X 65gm LN6083 Please Login
LR18029 - BUTTERSCOTCH AND TREACLE SPONGE PUDDING - Copy Butterscotch & Treacle Pudding 18x185g 3771 Please Login
Caramelised Apple Tarte Tatin 24x130g Caramelised Apple Tarte Tatin 24x130g 4740 Please Login
200805-r-xl-belgian-chocolate-fudge-sauce Chocolate Belgian Waffles 20x90g 4588A Please Login
LR18036 - CHOCOLATE BROWNIE PUDDING WITH DARK CHOCOLATE SAUCE Chocolate Brownie Pudding 18x185g 3770 Please Login
Chocolate Fudge Hot Pudding, Gluten Free, 1 x 12 Chocolate Fudge Hot Pudding, Gluten Free, 1 x 12 4940 Please Login
LRM18046 - CHOCOLATE MELT IN THE MIDDLE PUDDING - Copy Chocolate Melting Pudding 18x170g 3782 Please Login
bec8fd266b9e1eac8182c0c44490c2c0 Chocolate Orange Melt In The Middle Pudding x18 3780 Please Login
Ind. Treacle Tart Individual Traditional Treacle Tart 1x16 4741 Please Login
meringue Lemon Meringue Pie 1x16 portion 4765 Please Login
Spotted Dick Pudding, x 12 4904 Please Login
LS18058 - SQUARE CHOCOLATE PUDDING WITH CHOCOLATE FUDGE SAUCE Square Chocolate Pudding 18x185g 3783 Please Login
NCGSTI01001_sticky-toffee-pudding Sticky Toffee Pudding Slab NCGI x32 portions 3683 Please Login
20150106-Sticky Toffee, butterscotch-round-095 Sticky Toffee Pudding with butterscotch sauce 18x185g 3774 Please Login
LS18054 - SQUARE STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING WITH HANDMADE TOFFEE SAUCE - Copy Sticky Toffee Pudding with homemade toffee sauce 18x185g 3784 Please Login
Strawberry Jam Sponge Pudding, x 12 4903 Please Login
LCD24026 - SUMMER PUDDING Summer Pudding 24x160g 3781 Please Login
Syrup Sponge Pudding, x 12 4900 Please Login

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