Chocolate & Candy for Baking

Description Price Quantity
BC.8118X2.5_U71 Callets, Chocolate Select 53% Plain 2.5kg 1053 Please Login
BC.8238X2.5_U71 Callets, Milk Chocolate Select 35% 2.5kg 1055 Please Login
BC.70302.5 Callets, Plain Extra Bitter Strong Chocolate 70% 2.5kg 1054 Please Login
BC.W22.5_U71 Callets, White Chocolate Select 29.5% 2.5kg 1056 Please Login
Crackle Crystals (Popping Candy) Plain 500gm 3972 Please Login
Dr Oetker Hundreds & Thousands 6 x 65g Dr Oetker Hundreds & Thousands 6 x 65g 1130B Please Login
White Mini Marshmallow Mini Marshmallows, White - 1kg MS0256 Please Login

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